Havila Holding is a family-owned investment business and the parent for a number of companies operating in various segments. The company was founded in 1997 by owners Per Sævik and his children Njål Sævik, Hege Sævik Rabben and Vegard Sævik, who are also the members of the Board of Directors for Havila Holding.

Havila Holding's goal is to safeguard the enterprising spirit that has evolved over generations, refining and creating new value, developing profitable workplaces and building communities.

All to the good.



School one day then out fishing on a smack the next. At the age of 12, Per Sævik alternated between school and work, earning his first income from fishing. In time, he had earned enough to buy his own boat, so he could spend more time fishing. Creating new value.

And this is how Havila Holding started. Per was the third oldest in a family of nine children. His father was a fisherman, skipper and shipowner. The landscape on the coast of Sunnmøre is all barren crags, stormy seas and changing conditions for fishing. You have to grow strong in such a climate and learn how to find new opportunities.

Per Sævik

Fisheries and the rich stocks of herring in the 1950s allowed the family to build the capital required to develop their shipping business. Per bought a purse seiner in the 1970s. Only a decade later, in 1981, he was ready to make the move into the oil industry, with Sævik Supply. The company grew into the second largest offshore shipping company in Norway, and was acquired by Trico Marine from the USA in 1997.


Per Sævik


1997. And so begins a new chapter. Havila Supply. The name is inspired by the First Book of Moses, in which you can read about the land nearby the Garden of Eden, known as Havilah, where there is gold and the gold is good. Njål, the oldest son of founder Per Sævik, joined the management of the new company. The name of the company describes their goal to create good gold, not the kind of gold that destroys families and family relationships.

“You can't build the land on sales income alone,” Per Sævik has been known to say. He has long-term goals. Creating new activity. New values. In multiple areas. All to the good.


The new company’s logo was designed to resemble a cleat, something used for anchorage but also for casting off. This is the start of new adventures. New opportunities. The central circle in the cleat is gold. The good gold.

By early 1998, the Sævik name could no longer be found on the organisation chart. The Sævik family organised their shareholdings under the Havila name, Havila Holding.  

Havila Supply was acquired by the French Groupe Bourbon in May 2003. Only months later, on 31 July 2003, Havila Shipping ASA was registered as a new business. The objective is to build a new shipping company.



The Sævik family owned the Simex shipyard in Flekkefjord for a short period of time towards the end of the 1990s. In 2000, Havila entered the shipbuilding industry with the acquisition of the Kværner Leirvik shipyard, later renamed Havyard Leirvik, and this gave rise to the foundation of the Havyard Group.

Havila Supply was acquired by the French Groupe Bourbon in May 2003. Only months later, on 31 July 2003, Havila Shipping ASA was registered as a new business. The objective is to build a new shipping company.

Havila’s very first investment in the travel industry took place the following year. The company is westward bound. Offshore collaboration with shipowners on the Faeroe Islands opened their eyes to the potential in this group of islands to the west, and Havila Holding invests in Hafna Hotel in Torshavn.

In 2005, Havila Shipping ASA is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, and Havyard Group – formerly a shipyard enterprise – acquires a firm of naval architects. This is the birth of what is to become a Stock Exchange listed maritime technology corporation. In 2007, the investments made in shipping and property are merged to form Havila Ariel, listed on the Stock Exchange the following year. Several years later, the Sævik family acquires the company shares and Havila Ariel becomes the family’s business for property investments.



Havilahuset, Per Eide.jpg

After having built up several companies and numerous workplaces, the family started building their own properties. In 2008, the Havila companies moved in to the new Havila building. The building’s glass façade reflects the sea and boats that sail past and leans forwards like the bow of a ship breaking through the waves. Embarking on new territory. Ready for new opportunities.





Havila set its sights on transport and travel in the 2010s.

Passenger and cargo transport became part of the Havila Group in 2011 with shareholdings in Smyril Line, a company with ships sailing between the Faeroe Islands and several European countries.  Another equally important investment was the purchase of shares in the ferry company, Fjord1.

In their home town, Fosnavåg, the Havila Group naturally played a part in the joint investments made by local businesses to develop the local community, building a swimming pool, hotel and concert hall. Thon Hotel Fosnavåg opened in 2014. The Sævik family is confident that travel and tourism are a business area with the potential to create activities and profitable workplaces.

In 2014, Havyard Group was also listed on the Stock Exchange.


Havila Holding was founded subsequent to the sale of Sævik Supply, the forerunner of both Havila Supply and Havila Shipping. The offshore shipping company developed by the Sævik family was instrumental in transforming the tiny coastal town of Fosnavåg into the leading offshore centre in Norway. The crisis in the oil industry in the mid-2010s hit hard and required refinancing of the offshore shipping company. Ships had to be laid up and boats sold. This was also true for Havila Shipping, but the company was also able to identify new opportunities from the crisis, and acquired shares in Volstad Maritime in 2007 in order to expand their investments in offshore vessels.



During that same year, Havila Holding purchased the Ivar Aasen Hotel in Ørsta and acquired all the shares in Fjord1. The ferry company subsequently was listed on the Stock Exchange. Ownership of Fjord1 also brought with it co-ownership of The Fjords, Fjord Tours and Widerøe.

The following year, Havila made further investments in travel and tourism with the purchase of Hotel Raftevold in Hornindal, geographically encompassing tourism activities in the mountains, by the fjord and on the coast. The company Havila Hotels was founded. In the Faeroe Islands, work started on the construction of a new hotel in Torshavn.

Havila had decided to invest in tourism. On shore, at sea – even in the air.



In 2018, the Norwegian Ministry of Transport approved Havila Holding’s application to operate four coastal routes sailing the traditional itinerary between Bergen and Kirkenes.  The contract required the development of four new coastal routes and a new organisation with 20-30 employees in administration and 500-600 seafarers. Once again, the Group is creating new activity, all to the good, and this time under the name Havila Kystruten.