Havila Holding has an ambition to “do good”. Our goals are to create value and build communities.

Every year, we support good causes in our local communities in addition to our work with Stefanus Alliance International and Stephen's Children. The latter involves the work of Mama Maggie for children living in the slums of Cairo. Mama Maggie is known as the Mother Theresa of Egypt. Dressed in white, she spreads love and light among the 8-10 million Coptic Christians living in the country's slums. She abandoned a promising academic career to help the children living in the garbage slums in Cairo. Mama Maggie is now in charge of one of the largest help organisations for poor people in the Middle East. More than 18,000 children now have food every day, healthcare, schooling – and hope.



Havila Holding receives applications for support twice a year on 15 October and 15 March.



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“You can't build the land on sales income alone.”