The sea has never represented an obstacle to the people who grew up on wind-blown islands. The sea presents opportunities and is the future. The sea provides wealth and food. Life and longing.

Havila Holding has deep roots within fisheries and a history sprinkled with the shiny scales of herring.

Its founder, Per Sævik, grew up on the seashore and was already the skipper of his own boat by the age of 16.

His life was all about fish, herring, mackerel and capelin. New fishing areas, new methods and new opportunities. Per skippered his boat for many years before finding a new opportunity offshore in 1981. This is when he took control of Sævik Supply, taking the company into the oil age. The tiny coastal town of Fosnavåg became the largest offshore town in Norway, with several offshore shipping companies. Several of these originated from the Sævik company. In 2003, the modern day Havila Shipping was founded.

Havila Shipping now operates more than 20 vessels within subsea and anchor handling, supply and local preparedness. The company has a long history, and the Sævik family will soon look back on 40 years of shipping with supply services for both national and international offshore companies.  

The oil industry hit hard times in the 2010s, but Havila was able to find opportunities in these difficult times and invested in Volstad Maritime in 2017 to expand their offshore operations.

Havila is aiming offshore. Harvest and create.