Real Estate

Havila’s venturing spirit is often talked about, but it cannot all be about risk – you have to put down roots. This is where the property segment comes in.

When Sævik Supply was sold in 1997, the Group targeted shipping and shipyards, in addition to property. They wanted to spread their eggs between several baskets.

Havila Ariel was founded in 1997 and Stock Exchange listed in 2008. The company had a portfolio of office and commercial buildings with long lease agreements and no bad debts.

The company was purchased from the Stock Exchange after several years and is now the investment company for some of the Sævik family properties. Today, Havila Ariel has three properties; two office buildings in the Stavanger region and one office and commercial building in Hareid.

Havila Holding owns several other properties, including the building in Fosnavåg that is home to the Havyard Group.

In 2008, the Havila companies moved in to their own building at Mjølstadneset. The glass building designed to mirror the directions of the compass has become a landmark, showing the way for passing boat traffic.