Ship Technology

For a family that has worked on and with boats all their lives, it was almost a natural conclusion to start building boats.

After the sale of Sævik Supply in 1997, the Group was at a crossroads. An opportunity arose to acquire a shipyard. And if you have a shipyard, you can build boats. So, they embarked on yet another adventure and started developing a new shipping company.

In 2000, Havila took over ownership of Havyard Leirvik. This yard on the outermost banks of the Sognefjord was the start of what was to become the ship technology corporation, Havyard Group. Several years later, the Group added a firm of naval architects to its portfolio. They wanted to be involved in the entire value chain, gain close contact with customers and spread their eggs between several baskets.

In 2014, Havyard Group was listed on the Stock Exchange.

Havyard Group ASA is now a corporation with several segments; Shipbuilding Technology, the shipyard where it all started, Ship Design & Solutions, Power & Control and Productions & Services.

Havyard Group has just under 600 permanent employees in several locations along the Norwegian coast and in offices abroad.